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Eggs - The Symbol of Feminine Creative Power Enjoy a twist on classic devilled eggs. A wee bit finicky so during the preparation process enjoy with mindful awareness  the power of feminine nature present to produce such a gift. [...]

Mother Nature Always Wins This mother’s day weekend is a beautiful time to acknowledge all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and the feminine traits in all things – in women, men, plants, animals and the natural forces. To nurture [...]

Dandelion Salad My friends on the farm were discussing the bitter taste of greens for spring cleansing the liver, the attitude and digestive tract. Pesticide free dandelion greens (if you are collecting your own - not by the road [...]

My Mom’s Healing Turkey Soup Turkey remnants – bones, shredded meat, leftover drippings Cover with cold water by 1” to create the soup base or stock Quality salt, pepper, garlic cloves grated Parsley – half fresh bunch 4 – [...]

Holiday Heartburn Too much of a good thing? How can that be possible? First of all and not the last... Silent heartburn is heartburn. Defined as other symptoms but lacking the regurgitation sensation. If you have regurgitation happening your [...]

Honoring the Ancestors - Hungarian Goulash 2 ½ pounds of stewing beef chunk cubed 3 tbsp olive oil 3 large onions minimum sliced 4 roma tomatoes diced ½ tsp celtic or Redmond salt 1/2 tsp – 1 tsp black [...]

Rest, Sleep and Hibernation Essential tonics for our minds and bodies. Sometimes I wonder if the smarter animals hibernate! Not to escape but to conserve and prepare for a time of renewal – which assuredly [...]

Elixir of Death? Eye of newt, Salamander sweat, Poison of toad, and Saliva of leech – no not really!! Liquid herbal medicine may taste like you are going to die but plant medicine is loaded with many biochemicals. Tannins, [...]

Female Hormones and the Full Moon - is there a connection? Before you start cackling with your female friends...consider this! Sleep a little restless or lacking on a full moon? Weird dreams? Feel compelled to howl at the moon [...]

Bacteria Viruses Fungi and Parasites All of these are part of our microscopic world - like it or not! At any given time they are present in, on and around us in various numbers. Some have a positive effect [...]

Stress and Your Symptoms - Free as a butterfly?  Not yet? Stress is a key factor in mental and physical health symptoms. The Covid pandemic and pandemonium may be greatly or even subtly impacting you and perhaps other stressors [...]