What is Detox?

        What is Detox? Does it work? Work at what? As I expanded beyond my career as a pharmacist, gathering knowledge and moving on to studying natural medicine - I was intrigued with the term "Detox". Now you must understand, in my past I prepared chemotherapeutic and radio nuclear drugs for [...]

Easy Eggs

      Easy Eggs Wow - I love eggs ! Thankfully I am not allergic - are you aware that eggs are one of the top 5 food allergens? And - I am not aware if this makes people also allergic to chicken automatically ....more research to do - stay tuned! Poach these [...]

Change of Season Medicinal Soup

      Change of Season Medicinal "Soup" As mentioned in my newsletter - not for the light of heart this is not a tasty Grandma blessed chicken noodle soup.... It is actually a tea/tonic/medicine boiled and can be in a cup or add some of the veggies and extra spices...if you also use [...]

Asparagus Extraordinaire

      Asparagus Extraordinaire Asparagus is one of those vegetables that is unusual in appearance. Kids typically see this for the first time and think "whoa what is this?" Undoubtedly delicious when prepared well - not over cooked and lightly seasoned... Nutritionally awesome - folate, K2, A, C. E, riboflavin, Iron, Zinc, fiber [...]