Skin and Hair Conditions

Problems that appear on the OUTSIDE (skin, hair, nails) are often indications for deeper problems on the INSIDE.

The naturopathic approach is to find and address the underlying cause which may be due to food sensitivities, allergies, gastrointestinal imbalances, infections, hormone imbalances, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stress, poor nutrition and genetics.

TREATING ONLY THE SURFACE with creams and lotions, may actually suppress expression of the deeper problem and is rarely a long-lasting solution.

Through knowledge and consistency results can be obtained.

Types of conditions:

Acne | Hair Loss (Alopecia) | Fungal/Yeast Infections | Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) | Body Odor | Impetigo | Athletes Foot | Warts | Eczema | Rosacea | Cuticle Damage | Hives and Rash (Urticaria) | Psoriasis