Are you on the fence about doing a detox?
Or unable to stick with a detox plan because of issues that arise?
You are not alone and therefore this blog is to support your progress!

This blog follows my YouTube – Detox Road Blocks
There I discuss various roadblocks poyentially encountered when we are embarking on a detox, cleanse or homeopathic drainage.
NOW …here are some solutions and a path to success.

Before I continue….Cabbage Soup-A-Thon-ers!! ??
…..Many variations, timing and considerations that maybe unique and helpful to you!
Book an appointment – and execute this impactul food cleanse with ease.

1. Having support from those around you definitely speeds you on your way and sticking to a detox health enhancement plan, watch informative videos, read from the vast amount of information available from those following Hippocrates, Edgar Cayce, Hilda Clarke, Jonn Matsen, Deepak Chopra the list is endless.
supporting this form of “treatment” in getting your mind and body on track or back into balance is undeniably effective.
People who are naysayers to detox – are poorly informed. There ARE numerous studies presented in health journals and institutions naming the benefits of eliminations diets and protocols to address health concerns.
**Need more hands on help and support? Book an appointment and I will provide information and support to achieve what you are needing most!

2. Time – People believe the process takes time to prep for, remember to do and complete.
Determining the best type of detox maybe a first good step – this ensures a good match to the type of detox best for you and your schedule,
health concerns, medical considerations.  There are off the shelf detoxes, personalized detoxes, and a range of elimination detoxes.

3,  Detox or not to Detox – another consideration  to build or add vs an elimination detox. This could mean just drinking more water, starting a day            with a 3-5 minute yoga practice, lemon juice every morning, more veg, etc.

4.   Prep your kitchen – saves time and focuses on the context of your best-for-you detox. Get rid of the junk or processed foods to avoid                                   temptations and build your supplies to suit the top of cleanse you are doing!

5.   Avoiding so called “side effects”. If you have attempted other detox plans previously and suffered worsening of a problem you are attemptingto correct, experience anxiety, depression, moodiness, depravity fearing not enough food, develpo flu like symptoms, headaches, insomnia, wild            dreams, hair loss, digestive upsets like diarrhea or constipation, rashes, racing pulse  – just to name a few – as everyone is different!consider the following:

* did you prepare yourself mentally positively
* hydration – were you well hydrated by 3 days minimum before hand?
* did you binge out immediately before?
* did you account for any pharmaceutical drug interactions or impacts?
* are you selecting the correct detox for your medical concerns or conditions?
* is the planned detox the correct intensity for your current state of health?

6.  Timing is different than a concern for time. If under alot of stress or strain, recovering from an illness or accident, women may have difficulties              around their cycles augmenting PMS, leaving to go on vacation etc. Ensuring an appropriate time whether its for a day or a month will improve            chances for success with less disruption.

7.   Fatigue or anticipated energy – for some this may be a negative reaction – check in – REALLY check in and see if this is a mind over matter issue.
Statistics show in a variety of detoxing, and cleansing programs that energy actually improves! Check to ensure you have addressed the issues
previously discussed – seek help if it persists or consistently ocurrs – determine if what you are doing is really the best solution for you.

8.  Allergy reactions have been known to flare with an increase  intake of a particular food, )ie nuts, citrus) and also if you are augmenting a food
detox with herbal or homeopathic medicines. It may be an allergy to an ingredient, conflict with a medication, OR it could be too harsh and
encourage too quickly a release of bile from the liver, irritate the bowel, enhance urination – for YOU. This would not necessarily mean you were

9.  Brain Fog – cotton ball head – is how I have heard it described… this again could be too quick and deep of a cleanse. A common result seen in those
pursuing a candida, bacterial /fungal/SIBO cleanse – over zealous and possibly too harsh.

10. Withdrawl Symptoms – pick the vice – smoking, alcohol, sugar, carbs, wheat, caffeine, – any of these can make one irritable, increase risk  of                     binging, nervous system upset, insomnia, and accenuate any underlying tendencies from behaviors to fears – Often when I am supporting a
patient with a therapy which includes a detox element – I encourage easy exercise, meditation, and a calming formula to support their nervous
system to minimize this roadblock to detox.

*Detoxifications, purification protocols, herbs, homeopathics, supplements, foods, massages, acupuncture, meditations, yoga, prayer, and other energetic medicine forms  have been used for a millenia to achieve health and reset the balance physically, mentally, emotionally.
There is no question – Detox is a cornerstone to feeling better.

Seek professional advice from those familiar and educated in this form of therapy and are WILLING  to support  your unique circumstances.