Muscle and Bone Conditions

Naturopathic medicine can help the body to adapt to common stressors of everyday life, which may result in osteoporosis and types of arthritis.

Inflammation is NOT a cause but a symptom.

Ergonomics of desk sitting, television watching, long-term driving can produce pain, discomfort, lack of energy and even disease.

Adequate exercise and yoga is paramount to overall recovery, however in the meantime, homeopathy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and other treatments can offer relief. A proper low acid diet, along with vitamins and minerals, is important to rebuild and restore function.

Conditions due to excess acidity from poor diet and stress can be corrected by therapeutic programs.

Athletic performance and recovery can be enhanced.

Types of conditions:

Arthritis | Osteoarthritis  | Osteoporosis  | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Joint Pain | Low Back Pain/ Sciatic | Fibromyalgia | Gout | Stiffness | Muscle Cramps or Spasms | Traumatic Injury Recovery/Bone Repair