Spiritual Health – Is this Important?

Happy Easter and and Happy Spring!
A time for seasonal change, reflection and planning.
Why do I ask about your Spiritual Health?

Way back when I embraced alternative medicine – health was described as wholistic – the mental emotional physical and spiritual parts of ourselves.
This concept was not considered or endorsed by conventional medicine.
When in balance, MEPS equates to 100% health – each component could be 25%.
Would you agree an appreciation of our spiritual part of ourselves is therefore significant?

Supporting our Spiritual aspect may include recognizing an individual – Jesus, Buddha, God and others, perhaps a religion or a practice including yoga, meditation, prayer, and also taking time to acknowledge simply the wonder of life, and the awe or mystery of nature.

A spiritual acknowledgement in our lives has been shown to have direct impact on our health.

Mental capacity: by calming the nervous system, enhancing curiosity and inspiring creative thought.
Emotionally: allowing us to offer understanding, patience, tolerance, self reflection and personal growth.
Physically: by reducing blood pressure, tension, improving digestion, sleep, hormone balance, weight management, immunity and overall longevity.

I have witnessed a patient appear 10 years younger looking after taking up a spiritual practice.

Exploring the following may be the beginning of new awareness to life and health.

Many of these may be familiar to you already:

Meditation or prayer
Breath or Grounding
Gratitude Lists
Reflection of the day
Intention setting
Yogic Practice
Volunteer work
Attending Church or Meetings of Like Minded
Spending time in Nature and appreciating the natural world
Appreciating Creativity, Art and Music
Reading or watching thought provoking information
A hobby or interest that serves others or brings you personal joy
Infusing anything you do with loving awareness and intention
(Painting my first Pysanky egg!)
…and many other practices or activities  which  create a flood of well being throughout your mind and body and like a ripple effect extend into the world around you.

Is there a recipe to the amount of time to practice this conscious awareness ?
Some individuals make a lifetime of it such as clergy, monks, seers, others may find time weekly or daily…and I would like to offer moments…moments when you are in awe of something or just aware of your breath for a brief time – by  pausing with  enough awareness  -a spiritual element can be added to your wellbeing.

Be healthy.