Natural Fertility 

Natural fertility care programs are individualized. They promote natural rhythms through the use of specific herbs and nutrients.

Ultimately, we are restoring the body back into balance and health.

I encounter couples experiencing difficulties as “subfertile” rather than infertile and with corrective measures, balance is created and fertility is achieved.

In general, optimizing a couple’s natural health will create a greater sense of confidence. And this confidence impacts positively on their unborn child. Studies have shown that couples participating in natural fertility programs conceive with increased success of up to 80%, and in combination with IVF, it doubles the chance of success of the procedure.

Dr. Kodnar has had the successful experience of her own home birth – over 20 years ago! She is willing to share this and support those seeking midwifery as part of their birth plan.

Benefits of Natural Fertility Programs include:

Improved Ova and Sperm Quality | Increased Chance of Pregnancy | Reduced Risk of Birth Defects or Malformation | Reduced Risk of Miscarriage | Reduce Risk of Complications such as Gestational Diabetes, Hypertension, and Preeclampsia | Improved Energy while Pregnant | Menstrual Cycle and | Hormone Level Regulation