Real Men DO Detox!

Real Men DO Detox! Guys...if you are looking to  improve or maintain good health ---detox is a necessity! Detox is not just for the girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, trainer or "something" others do! Here are my TOP TEN MUST DO' part of your manly get back to health detox: 1. Always looking to add - [...]

Real Man’s Quiche

Real Man's Quiche Whoa - of course they eat quiche! Serve this up! hot out of the oven or it may be a late night sneak out of the refrigerator. Side of pan fried potatoes is more likely welcomed than a garden salad but - you may get away with both. Add chunks of [...]

The Syndrome of Never Well Since…

The Syndrome of Never Well Since... Understanding the concept of "Never Well Since" as a pharmacist was not fully appreciated until I studied naturopathic medicine and it became a valuable therapeutic tool in understanding and treating a variety of  conditions experienced by my patients.  Most doctor's are well aware that various life events have [...]

Turkey Curry Stew

Turkey Curry Stew Turkey - high in tryptophan - an amino acid promoting good vibes and good sleep. Although indigestion from overeating and an unusual amount of food types coming together is often more a case for sleeplessness. A great protein source and its not chicken - we all eat a lot of chicken [...]

Mother Nature Always Wins

Mother Nature Always Wins This mother’s day weekend is a beautiful time to acknowledge all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and the feminine traits in all things – in women, men, plants, animals and the natural forces. To nurture and sustain – Mother Nature is a personified form of a creative controlling force respected [...]

Dandelion Salad

Dandelion Salad My friends on the farm were discussing the bitter taste of greens for spring cleansing the liver, the attitude and digestive tract. Pesticide free dandelion greens (if you are collecting your own - not by the road side!), arugula, parsley, and dilute with regular lettuces if you wish. Garnish with green onion, [...]