Real Men DO Detox!

Guys…if you are looking to  improve or maintain good health —detox is a necessity!
Detox is not just for the girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, trainer or “something” others do!

Here are my TOP TEN MUST DO’S…as part of your manly get back to health detox:

1. Always looking to add – instead REMOVE heavy foods, alcohol, and recreational drugs, maybe even eliminate some EMF ( Electromagnetic Frequency) gadgets for a set period of time. Review the need for medications and what can be done as alternatives, more cleansing and supportive – actually heal.
Review this with me and your prescribing doctor.

2. ADD more clean filtered water – consider lemon, ginger, vanilla extract – increase to a minimum of 2000ml daily, drink it between meals and 500ml at a time. Pretty standard but so many guys are dehydrated, swollen, feeling pain, grouchy and tired because of this alone.

3. ADD more leafy greens – in a smoothie, on your plate, as a meal with excellent proteins and fats. Chew foods well and – new tastes take 35 times of experience before they become part of your taste bud smorgasbord. Bitter helps the liver, salty for energy, spicy for zest and sweet for the heart and mind.

4. Maybe a mono diet appeals – of apples for 5 days,  or all veg or vegan, maybe a cabbage soup diet for 10 days.
Some guys like hard core radical so review a few ideas and bounce them off me. Book an appointment.

5. Top up on these in divided doses through the day… Vitamins C 6000mg, D3 4000IU, E 400IU,  Zinc citrate 50mg , B complex 150mg, NAC 1200mg, Fish oil or Omega 3 2400mg  all with food, daily for 10 days and review with me. Maybe a probiotic? Digestive enzyme?

6. Consider updating blood work (talk to me to ensure we get a thorough list ordered)- at least know a baseline of results.  Tests help to assess levels of inflammation, shortages in nutrients, excess heavy metals, less obvious conditions may be revealed like non alcoholic fatty liver disease,  and prediabetes, or imbalanced thyroid. Add a hair mineral analysis, organic acids test, hormone panel for more complete information and set a direction to address issues.

7. Review and note your eliminations – ie is it easy, complete and the appropriate color stool? how is urination? painful? complete? at night? Add 2 tbsp of flax seed fiber,  or 1 tbsp psyllium seed, and eat an apple a day, 3 raw carrots, 1/2 an English cucumber, 1 cup of berries/day- maybe 1 cup of Swedish muesli every morning. Calculate your fiber intake. Is it over 20 grams? 30 grams? 40 grams? Let’s discuss.

8. Sweat it out. Add clothing to add the sweat component. It’s a phenomenal way to eliminate heavy metals.
Exercise and movement is about circulation. Cardio improvement is the side benefit of exercise! The more the blood moves through the filtering organs – liver, spleen, kidneys, lungs – the more cleansing and the processing of bio-accumulation of waste begins.

9. Herbal tonics and homeopathic detox formulas aid in cleansing the extra and intracellular matrices (the space within and outside of cells) of all systems in the body. Simple and productive. This adds to your commitment of time and energy. See me to determine the best formulas for you.

10. Rest and Notice. How did you feel prior to your chosen amount of time to detox – easy 24 hour fast, or 3 day 10 day 30 day or 4 months designed phases.
Different lengths of time for different goals. If you are new to detox start easy – but please do not wait until you are 70 to start cleansing, detoxing, draining, because this creates a bigger project with no doubt, more to deal with! “Enjoying” a detox reaction, crisis or side effects – slow it down, pause if necessary and consult with me on what this is about – what does it mean. And well – this means there is work to do!

Remember – you can do this and learn!

For more comments and dialogue on detox and men – see my YouTube channel