The Syndrome of Never Well Since…

Understanding the concept of “Never Well Since” as a pharmacist was not fully appreciated until I studied naturopathic medicine and it became a valuable therapeutic tool in understanding and treating a variety of  conditions experienced by my patients. 

Most doctor’s are well aware that various life events have an effect on health.

Not only emotional turmoil or a trauma but also health issues such as a  “flu of 2006” or “the surgery 3 years ago” and more recently the longer effects of a virus like Covid-19 can create lingering symptoms, general un-wellness and fatigue.
Sometimes symptoms repeat “every November” or on some specific annual date…

This state of chronicity or long term impact is not new – including
viral, bacterial and fungal symptoms – they often repeat, persist and cycle.
An easy example is herpes simplex virus or cold sores. 

Addressing the reason on a comprehensive level is important.
Some describe it as a break in the auric energetic field of the body.
This damaged break in the field needs to be repaired – physically and energetically.

How do we break the cycle or move out of this state?

Recognize or acknowledge events occurring at the same time an issue started.
– a lay off, retirement, divorce, house renovation, a cruise or a vacation?
– physically was it an infection, surgery, prescription drug reaction, a detox, heart attack?

Any cycle to an issue?
– “every November I get xyz” ( mine was laryngitis! and no longer do I anticipate or attract it)
– “cold, wet, wind always affects my lungs or ears or…”
– anniversaries of divorces, deaths, births, moves, back to school, back to work Mondays?

Notice associated emotions.
– anger, grief, sadness, fear, loneliness, shock, jealousy

A few patient examples I have seen in my office:
Infertility and infidelity
Migraines and loss of control
Bladder Infections and “being pissed off”
Arthritis and suppressed anger
Fatigue and depression or fear and anxiety
Digestive Issues and not being able to “stomach it”
Chronic infections with burnout
Insomnia with many different triggers or fears
and others

Therapies and Tools to Reset Never Well Since Phenomena include:

Homeopathy in high or low dose vibrational frequencies has been well documented as a therapeutic tool for reset.
Botanical Medicines physically heal and clear metabolic residue and ignite good health via detoxification and drainage programs.
Vitamins and Minerals fill in deficiencies after long term demand due to a traumatic state and may also allow the body to then initiate cleansing and fortification with missing building blocks for health. Sometimes required in large doses, intravenously or intramuscularly. 
Acupuncture rebalances energy meridians and removes blockages.
Energetic Body Work allows release of emotions or thinking patterns from body tissue storage – “issues in the tissues”.
Yoga, meditation, chanting, music or tonal frequencies will influence glands, hormones, and reset nervous tension between sympathetic and parasympathetic states.
Exercise will shock the body into a different state of awakeness.
Fasting allows for a reset and recharge of overused and underused states. 
Forms of journeying, psychotherapy and hypnosis can infuse an awareness or perspective that has fallen into dormancy.
Psychedelics, ayahuasca and other hallucinogens have been used to impart a neuroendocrine break to refresh the nervous system.
***Changing lifestyle patterns ( and therefore mind set) is essential in altering patterns of Never Well Since or cycling patterns. (If you keeping doing what you always have done you get the same results).***

*All cases of Never Well Since are unique to the individual.*
* Share the completeness of your circumstances and better results will be achieved.*