Everyone Wants More Energy, Right?

Fast paced lives, busy minds, we don’t have time to feel tired!

It’s the number one symptom that comes into my office….usually attached to a variety of ailments but sometimes it’s just plain old, “ I feel tired all the time !”
And ALWAYS it seems to be part of everyone’s health goals – “I would like to have more energy!”
And guess what? It isn’t always a quick fix. There is no magic pill. Using something safe and natural that does not harm you in the long run is best! In fact, if someone or something is promising you that quick fix – run fast the other way and hang on to your money.
It is important to explore and find out why a person is tired.

In holistic medicine, a comprehensive approach pays off. Addressing the underlying reason for a symptom is the best approach, rather than artificially masking the symptom. If your goal is to avoid possible complications or treatments, then it is critical to evaluate your current health and circumstances.


Fatigue due to low iron? – correcting heavy menses, stomach or intestinal issues, thyroid imbalance, poor diet… are a few causes that supplementing with Iron alone is not going to correct.

Low energy due to stress? – long term or short term stress, can deplete nutrients, disturb sleep, contribute to poor eating habits, digestive problems, disturb adrenal and thyroid glands to name a few. Providing antidepressants to combat stress may be a short term solution but could delay issues that will only present themselves in other forms later like panic attacks, headaches, joint or general pain, etc.

Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual are concepts of good health care and carry equal weight.

Many people find it more comfortable to start with Physical issues…and address them with physical means like more exercise, better food, supplements and medicines.

Mental Emotional states are the most common sources of health issues and overtime evolve into physical symptoms. Examples are excessive worry, codependency, negative thinking patterns, over thinking, low self esteem or confidence. Supporting and correcting these issues takes time, knowledge and the desire to self explore.

Health can be affected by a questioning of Spiritual or Larger Life Concepts such as goals, desires, appreciation and the wonder of our place in the world. These perceptions will change with experience, knowledge, and stages of life. This process of change may create distress until a new understanding is reached.

When seeking answers to increasing ENERGY it can be broad or very specific. Finding the best approach for the person lacking energy is key. Any or all of the following may be helpful.

  • Detoxification or Cleansing programs
  • Drinking enough water
  • Losing or Gaining weight
  • Regular healthy balanced meals
  • Stop multi tasking
  • Giving and Receiving Hugs
  • Consuming adequate protein
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • B12 shots
  • IV nutrient therapies
  • Adequate Sleep and Rest
  • Smile
  • Adaptogenic herbs, Ginseng derivatives
  • Moderate Exercise
  • Fresh Air and Nature
  • Identifying and treating Viruses and Infections
  • Check Prescription Medication side effects
  • Taking Time or an Adult Time Out
  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol and smoking
  • Get it out of your head and onto paper
  • Effective counselling and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Yoga
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Acupuncture