Allergies – Are they made worse by hidden mold, fungus, bacteria and other critters?

Wow ! After what seemed like a “nuclear” winter in Calgary, we are at last feeling the warmth of the sun! The snow melt is maintaining high humidity, optimal for moldy debris and spores.  The vegetation prepares for the spring bloom. Pollen, dust, gases from last year’s soil contents, insect remnants, ashes and animal debris could bring an onslaught of symptoms for the susceptible.

There are those lucky people that seem to be able to roll in grass cuttings or hay, eat anything, inhale any fumes, and slap on all kinds of lotions and perfumes with no adverse effects. And then there are others!

Having a predisposition to allergy means your body feels these exposures as invaders and starts a cascade of chemical reactions to protect you. It tries to flush, constrict, swell, and expel the substances from your system with the most unattractive and annoying symptoms.

Such as skin, nose, membranes swell, turn red, itch, maybe make breathing difficult, sometimes cause headache, increase blood pressure, nausea and vomiting!  These processes represent reactions to get rid of the nasty exposure, and histamine accumulation in your body.

So, if your body is trying to expel something is it really a good idea to suppress this natural response of diluting and flushing?

Agreed – annoying it is. Exhausting too.  And antihistamines are VERY handy, often life saving with an Epi Pen.

So what to do?

Your genetic predisposition is not the subject in this blog. All I will say at this time is: do things or avoid things that may trigger this pathway. Perhaps some of the genetic testing companies will point the direction to future research and support.

Time for Spring Clean up

  • By purifying your internal and external environment this might protect or lessen allergic flare ups.
  • Freshen linen, carpets, pillows and upholstery with sunlight exposure and vacuuming with bristles touched with eucalyptus oil. This will decrease your dust mite load.
  • Wear a bandana, mask, eye protectors to reduce exposure while cleaning and gardening.
  • Replace air filters and water filters more regularly to clear microscopic particles. Drinking water has higher chlorine during spring runoff.
  • But be sure to drink plenty of clean water to flush your system.

Spring Clean and Decrease Your own Personal Critter Load!

  • Cleanse your colon by reducing heavy proteins and focus every other day exclusively as a high vegetable, bean, low starch food plan which
  • includes broth based soups.
  • Drink 2000ml minimum water daily.
  • Minimize mucous forming foods like sugar, dairy, rice, wheat, southern fruits, grapes and melons.
  • Repair leaky or inflamed gut (often THE source of fertile beds for gut critters) with probiotics,  l-glutamine, and herbal products of garlic, horseradish, goldenseal, licorice, turmeric and stinging nettle tea.
  • Use apple cider vinegar to alkalinize and tone the digestive track.
  • Enjoy a neti pot nasal cleanse.
  • Refresh eyes with saline or euphrasia eye drops.
  • Essential fatty acids in fish and flaxseed oils reduce allergic inflammation.
  • Consume additional Vitamin C with bioflavanoids especially quercitin, hesperidin, and rutin.

Book yourself the Spring Health Check Up that you deserve.  Contact me for more ideas and support.