Wondering how to raise your pheromones?

Do you notice other people’s pheromones?

Knowingly or not we all have our own unique body scent signature!

For years the multi million dollar perfumery and after shave business has been searching for a magical combination of human pheromones….
androstadienol, androstadienone, androstenone, androstenol, androsterone, estratetraenol  and copulins to name a few!

Here are are the most discussed natural pheromone enhancers…

Exercise – natural healthy clean sweat contains a host of chemicals including sexual pheromones – however sweat loses its appeal when it begins to breakdown and is combined with soiled clothing where bacteria has started to alter the original constituents. Exercise also releases endorphins the ‘feel good chemicals’ which can be contagious and attractive!

Bathe Differently – reassess heavily perfumed soaps and body moisturizers, these interfere with your own natural ‘aromatique’…Napoleon was known to instruct Josephine not to wash before their romantic encounters! Of course, maintaining good hygiene is necessary!! However, minimize harsh soaps that may remove the good bacteria on your skin, and impacts the function of healthy skin glands and the potential emission of  a more natural, attractive personal scent.

Essential oils – are said to contain plant pheromones that enhance human pheromones, such as sandalwood, lavender, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and patchouli. Their use as aphrodisiac scents have been coveted for hundreds of years.

Zinc – and in fact all minerals found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs will enhance testosterone. Not just for men but women as well. Minimum daily requirement is approximately 11 mg. However, 1 cup of ground almonds yields only 3 mg of zinc. A good mineral supplement will help to ensure adequate intake.

Catching enough Zzzz’s – Men reestablish their testosterone levels during sleep. Less sleep at night might mean lower testosterone and no increase in male pheromones. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine reported that testosterone levels could decrease by up to 15 percent after just one week of sleep deprivation. Losing sleep can reduce a man’s overall well-being, sexual behavior, vigor, and libido.
Ladies – stress and anxiety elevates when we don’t get our share of sleep. This leads to adrenal depletion and over time will impact our delicate monthly balance….shunting production to stress hormones leaves less to produce our “come hither” pheromones! Worse yet, in a research study it was shown women’s tear chemicals produced repulsivity in heterosexual males! Get your zzz’s balance your hormones!

Maca root – Several studies link Maca, a Peruvian plant, to increased libido but not pheromones directly. … The reason why maca may be able to boost libido is because it contains an ingredient called arginine. Research has linked this to increased testosterone levels, a hormone that promotes libido in both men and women. And guess what ? its also called an adaptogen. When we use adaptogens they support our endocrine and adrenal system – so this supports energy, promotes a good mood, and is balancing to the nervous system. … Its adaptogenic effect  – relieves stress, and fatigue allowing us to have the energy to feel “in the mood”!

Eating foods containing androstenone and androstenol?  These two chemicals are considered human pheromones, and it’s possible that eating foods that contain them may boost your own – or at least increase your arousal, which then triggers more chemical signals that may make you more appealing to potential partners. This has not been proven scientifically, and unlikely– given the amount of these foods one would have to consume to have impact. Celery, parsnips and truffles. Overall healthy and no harm to be done if you give them a whirl!

After reviewing  the research available it seems we have a  way to go in scientific testing before we isolate pheromones, bottle them and make a fortune!

But, are they chemicals we emit or is it something we are sensing on another level?? 

No doubt who we find appealing or who we attract requires more than just scent! as Pepe le Pew and his charisma can attest!

Feeling healthy, happy, vital and rested – this enhances natural sexual appeal!

Have fun and and a Happy Valentines Day! xo