Holiday Heartburn

Too much of a good thing? How can that be possible?

First of all and not the last…

Silent heartburn is heartburn.
Defined as other symptoms but lacking the regurgitation sensation.
If you have regurgitation happening your heart burn is over 10/10!!

Heartburn is not an H2 blocker deficiency, examples of these pharmaceuticals: cimetidine, famotidine, ranitidine  etc – Tagamet, Pepcid, Zantac.
a proton pump inhibitor deficiency – pharmaceutical trade names such as  Losec, Prevacid, Nexium, Dexilant etc
deficiency of antacids such as  Tums, Rolaids, Pepto-Bismol, Alka Seltzer etc
deficiency of probiotics – what????????? This sounds controversial ! And it is. Correcting the microbiome is important however it goes deeper (excuse the pun) than just taking probiotics.

Here are some reasons for heart burn:

Imbalanced diet
Overeating  – no kidding ? and especially when sick
Composter overload –  your gut – overdosed on well…sugar, alcohol, flour, etc
Liver overload – processing all that has been thrown into your composter, and the most significant is heavy metal burden.
Stress – finding a situation or person difficult to stomach?
Remember -silent heartburn is heartburn
Constipation (not proper bowel movements)
Inflammatory Bowel Disease/IBS/Colitis
Digestive enzyme deficiency – created by insufficient nutrients, stress.
Hiatal hernia – due to mineral deficiencies, toxic bile from an overburdened liver digestive tract.
Helicobacter and other bacteria, virus, fungus and parasite overload.
Drinking excess fluids with meals.
Food allergy/sensitivity
Fatty foods -excess and the consumption of processed fats.
No gallbladder – yet there is ongoing indigestion, removing a gallbladder did not correct the larger issue.
Food combinations – depending on your level of health – tolerance of food combinations maybe low.
Eating too quickly, standing while eating, not chewing enough.
Too hot or too cold foods especially for the season.
Grazing throughout the day ie constantly nibbling, eating etc.
Diabetes and prediabetes


Acute or chronic abdominal discomfort, pain radiating to the back, under the front right side rib, bloating, gas, cramping, gurgling, general malaise, headache, nausea even vomiting, mouth sores, sinus problems, sore throat ( not all sore throats are due to bacteria or viruses), ear problems, urinary and vaginal infections or issues, and can be present with future osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and others.

What to do?
*Call me and together we can create a proper short term plan while dealing with the larger upstream issues – perhaps stress, food allergy and selection, heavy metals and underlying health issues.
*Pharmaceuticals are not the long term solution and have been associated to cancer – possibly due to neglecting the real issue of an overburdened liver and consequent toxic bile that needs to be eliminated from the body.
*Use my formula Liver/Kidney Tonic to correct bile flow and inflammation.
*Is it linked to leaky gut, SIBO, or any other trendy disorders? Possibly.
*Start with addressing mineral deficiencies to support proper esophageal (stomach) and illeocecal valve action, do not drink excessive fluids with meals, use ginger/chamomile/peppermint tea to calm the stomach, avoid inflammatory foods, refrain from eating after 7 pm or  at least 3 hours before bedtime.
*Probiotics use  – these attempt to outnumber the bad microbiome inhabitants with better microbiome inhabitants and may not be successful! A history of antibiotic use, excessive use of oil of oregano or other natural antiseptic/biotic products will impact the healthy state of the entire bodies microbiome – which is everywhere – vaginal, urinary, mouth and throat, ears, lungs, skin not only the digestive tract.
*Digestive enzymes – in the short term may provide short term relief – the best formula is dependent on your personal digestive issues, age and health history.
*Have a good poop! Regular, daily, complete, and proper stool is indicative of healthy digestion.
*Address the stress or manage stress by resetting the nervous system with exercise, breath awareness, mediation, massage or healthy activities that you enjoy like reading, socializing, browsing, a hobby, etc.

To continue the Comfort and Joy of the Season – avoid overeating and learn what tips the scales of your digestive system.
No need to become a naturopathic diet cripple during the festive season or any special occasion where food and drink is part of the merriment!

Address the dysfunction and “make room” in digestive health for the joy.