Healing vs Curing

By definition…
Curing is to relieve the symptoms of a disease or condition.

The curing can be fast, For example – Remove the sliver, and the pain and irritation is reduced.

But is it healed?
Healing is the process of creating a state of health again!
And this healing process takes whatever time is required!
The process of natural forces within our body to mend, eliminate infection, and return tissue to a healthy normal state.
When do we hinder or support this process?
Minor symptoms may become deeper and chronic if ignored, disregarded, or worse, treated  but only symptomatically!
For example, headaches with acetaminophen or repeated infections with antibiotics or antivirals.
Symptoms are the body’s method of getting your attention to address issues”higher up stream”.

Higher upstream means addressing the reason for the headache or contributing circumstances that lead to repeated headaches.  Even higher upstream to the mind! and perhaps the soul too! Our spirit can be wounded, deflated and weary leaving us vulnerable to imbalances expressed in physical and mental health issues.

In other words, choice or decisions made in the mind….. Knowledge, beliefs and preferences will give rise to consequences. 

Great healers in our history insisted that healing include the activities of the mind! In other words….“what’s up?”
Why do we choose food that is not the best for us, or choose to be less active or never looking deeply into how to really heal?

It begins with our awareness of our stress, lack of exercise, negative thinking, could-be-better diet, addictions and so on.

Curing may begin by eliminating certain foods, using pharmaceuticals and surgery, or supplements. Healing is a  comprehensive  solution. A plan to encourage good health, by eliminating sources of inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, lifestyle modifications which includes mindful awareness, choice and sometimes patience.


Prevention is known to be easier than finding a cure. As a result we have flourishing genetic research!
Triggering undesirable genetic flaws may begin in the womb and some say even preconception!
Despite this possibility ,there are still opportunities to minimize genetic weaknesses throughout all stages of life.

Reflecting on a few of these thoughts – Will you be satisfied with curing or healing?

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