Female Hormones and the Full Moon – is there a connection?

Before you start cackling with your female friends…consider this!

Sleep a little restless or lacking on a full moon? Weird dreams?
Feel compelled to howl at the moon with tension or frustration or maybe just for the fun of it?
Like a looney (lune -y) tune ?
Maybe feeling a little extra spicy?

Let’s have a look!

The moon has a 29ish day cycle of phases as it revolves around the earth and of course, the earth revolves around the sun. Together the moon and the sun impact the earth’s ocean currents, winds and therefore tides in fact, the overall temperament (Interesting word to note!) of the earth. The fluidity of the earth.
Fluidity is considered a feminine characteristic in the YinYang.
(Yin representing feminine and yang representing masculine.)

Our human internal fluids – 68% of our mass is considered fluid – will then be impacted by the gravitational energy of these 2 heavenly bodies. This can create tensions in the body tissues and chemistry, and could feel like we are not in the flow – of fluidity!

Studies have now demonstrated that the luminosity of moonlight can impact pineal glands of rabbitfish.
Not saying we are identical to rabbitfish but….our pineal glands, impact pituitary glands and hormonal regulation.

“Rabbitfish spawn according to the lunar cycle. It is not known how the fish perceive changes in cues from the moon. One explanation is they utilize changes in moonlight intensity to establish synchronicity and that the pineal gland directly perceives changes in moonlight perhaps influencing melatonin production.” ( and therefore via the pineal gland other hormones are impacted) A possible way the moonlight intensity affects sleep in humans and maybe plants and animals too!
J Pineal Res.2006 Apr,40(3):236-41

Over the centuries, women have used the phases of the moon to complement her understanding of  body cycles.
Specifically her menstrual cycle as it also cycles in its ideal rhythm of 28-30 days.

Many women’s cycles are being controlled by birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy, sometimes even to the point of suppressing menses. Hence this may appear to be a loss connection to this lunar phenomena.

In a natural state of balance, women classically menstruate on the New Moon (no moon visible in the sky) and ovulate on the Full Moon (full visibility of the moon).

As Western culture has evolved to a more Yang state (masculine/fire/hot/dry/day/active and other characteristics) from a balanced state with Yin (feminine/moist/cool/calm/night and other characteristics) this balance has essentially flipped.

Excessive stress , busyness, disconnection and lack of stillness, creativity and belonging contribute to this flipped state.

Women that live together or in an all-female work environment will begin to synchronize or share one another’s menstrual rhythm, although data has not fully supported this phenomena, perhaps because the study sizes were too small and too short of a period of time or again maybe the women studied were too influenced by the less “natural” state of living in western culture.

Do not be disappointed with loss of “lunar connection” as we become older.
Women will continue to cycle in their post menopausal years despite no shedding of the uterus lining, as her body still responds to various known and unknown, external and internal stimuli impacting her pineal and pituitary gland.
It has been reported to me by many women over 60 in my practice they still feel premenstrual weeks, shifts in libido etc as they did when they had menses.

Moon Cycling has been used to create a natural healthy balance impacting  emotions, physical symptoms, fertility, sex drive, connectedness to the earth and environment.
It brings empowerment with more intimate knowledge and awareness of feminine physiology.

It can be achieved through nutrients, herbs, homeopathy and ceremony.
Just noticing the moon and its phases acknowledges this power in nature.

If you are going to do it with nutrients– commit to a minimum of 6 cycles or lunar cycles.

New Moon  (Day 1 of menstrual flow) to Full Moon
Consume flax, pumpkin, chia seeds, walnuts, pistachios, fish oils – basically omega 3
Estrogenic supportive in the follicular phase.

Full Moon (Day 15ish ovulation) to New Moon
Evening Primrose, Borage, Black Currant, Perilla oils, sunflower and sesame seeds -omega 3/6
Progesteronic supportive of the luteal phase.
Most women need more help here as it impacts PMS symptoms.

Seeds 2-3 tbsp per day.
Oils 2000mg per day.

Need support getting in touch with your divine feminine and the moon?
Contact me and we will explore your connection to the supernatural!