Enhancing Natural Immunity Part 1 of 3
Immune System CheckUp

Appreciating and understanding health has never been so significant – so global! 

Being prepared to maintain and enhance all body systems that contribute to your complete well-being means throwing everything at your disposal into the mix.

Firstly …How healthy is your immune system scorecard?

Your Nutrition – Challenging at the moment with all the at-home munching…. however, are meals balanced, regular, nutrient dense, low or no sugar, carbohydrates in check, good fats and oils, adequate protein, anti inflammatory and low allergenic, do you fast or are mindful of intermittent fasting?

Hydration – do you drink water ? 2 litres minimum per day allows for dilution and cleansing in metabolism and removing toxins.

Exercise – are you getting some? this promotes circulation, strength, lymphatic movement and therefore cleansing of all systems. It does not need to be strenuous but regular.

Rest, relaxation and solid sleep – Super important! these promote restorative and repair functions. Mental and emotional stress is exhausting. All the wondering and planning is tiring and taxing on your reserves and immune resilience.
Are you feeling refreshed in the morning upon rising?

Fresh Air – How much do you get a day? healing time in nature, helps the nerves, lungs, mind and spirit. Dress appropriately – weather fluctuations, wind, temperature, precipitation put stress on us to maintain status quo body temperature. 

Fun and Joy – Do you “dose” yourself throughout the day with something that you enjoy? Reading, doing, watching …something??  This is like dosing yourself with “feel good chemicals”. These hormones and chemicals are present and available in all of us – they just need to be activated! It takes your stress number out of 10 –  down many notches! This is important on your immunity score card!

Now – here’s the big item on the list … 

On-going or chronic health Issues put stress on your mind and body, reduce your overall resilience and immunity to additional challenges – like bacteria, viruses, fungus, and parasites.
Reality? These exist around us all the time! It is when we are overwhelmed with stressors or out of balance with our nutrients and toxins that we succumb more easily to their invasion because we have less resilience  – less immunity.
The presence of a Super Virus is escalating the need for more vigilance. Hence those with pre-existing conditions, as the health authorities have described, are more at risk.

If you have :

Inflammation – muscle or bone, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, headaches, pain, gout?
Allergies – seasonal, digestive, environmental?
Hormone Imbalances – premenstrual conditions, excess or improper flow, cramping, discharge, herpes, cervical Issues, fibrocystic Breasts, lumpy or sore breasts, thyroid problems, low sex drive, or impotence?
Urinary problems – incontinence, prostate, chronic infections, kidney stones?
Blood Imbalances – diabetes, metabolic syndrome, anemia, lyme disease, Epstein Barr, cancer?
Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia?
Chronic Fatigue, Burnout?
Respiratory conditions – asthma, apnea, cough, bronchitis, COPD, sinus conditions, smoking ?
Digestion – is it imbalanced, constipated, loose stool, hemorrhoids, IBS, gas, bloating, heartburn, fatty liver, persistent sore throats, tonsils or glands, gallbladder issues, missing gallbladder, colitis, leaky gut?
Dental and Gum problems, grinding, bad breath?
Skin and Hair Afflictions – eczema, psoriasis, hives, nail or skin fungus, nail or hair brittleness, hangnails, marks on the nails, dandruff, sebaceous cysts, warts, acne, stress sweat, Itchiness anywhere, skin cancer
Ear aches ?
Auto Immune Disorders – Rheumatoid, Hashimotos, Diabetes Type 1, 

Maybe I missed a few examples…The question is — are they managed and stabilized with either prescription medication or natural health medicines and practices?
If they are not addressed, this has a negative impact on your overall Immunity Check Up.
These create pressure on your entire system and demand input from all your body functions to maintain balance, equilibrium and in other words, health.

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*Note: Naturopathic Doctors are prohibited from claiming they can treat or prevent Covid- 19. It is important to follow recommendations and practices by Alberta Health Services and the Government of Canada. Social distancing, optimum hygiene and personal awareness are key in addressing this serious health crisis.
Maintaining your good health with healthy practices are the goals of my practice.

First Do No Harm and Do Whatever It Takes.