Enhancing Natural Immunity – Mental Emotional Spiritual Immunity  ( Part 3 of 3)

Building mental, emotional and spiritual immunity in everyone, will reduce stress, anxiety and worry.
This will improve overall immunity, community happiness, creative mindsets and ultimately propel humanity into a new era.

Currently, North American society has been described as science illiterate and health illiterate!
What does that mean and based on what standards?

Science can be used to postulate and find truth or it can be manipulated to support a postulation.

Health literacy changed for me when I began to study Naturopathic Medicine.
This additional information verified the expansiveness of what medicine needs to address and include.
It expanded my knowledge.

For instance,

Mental Emotional Physical Spiritual = 100% Health

The math says 25% per category.

It’s an easy thing to discuss the physical symptoms of health.
Yet 75% of wholistic health by the given definition could be… the more difficult, unfamiliar, hard to define, very personal and individual aspects of health that often goes unaddressed or avoided.

So ….how to we begin to touch the surface – assuming we want to be healthy in a 100% wholesome way?

Assess the mindset we are operating or are plugged into.
“Distancing isolation” maybe giving us the opportunity to explore and self reflect.
We can stand back literally and notice ourselves, our interactions and reactions with the world.

Noticing feelings of grief, fears, despair, worries, pain, anger and loss in ourselves may begin a journey of choice and new purpose.

Spirituality  – there are many definitions – the silver lining or opportunity of this unique period in our lives may offer time to contemplate and design an individual definition.
Some examples:
Consciously attempting to honour the Oneness.
The Oneness being that we are all interconnected demonstrated by six degrees of separation,  therefore loving yourself and considering the welfare of others, the animals, the environment , the planet.

The acceptance of not knowing and understanding all that is. And developing the knowledge of applying this process.

Mind, feelings and soul can be supported with:

Music – playing it, tapping a rhythm, listening – contemplative, soothing, up beat or inspiring

Meditation – short, long, structured, guided, while walking, sitting, singing with the purpose of gaining clarity and emotional calm.

Mindfulness – awareness developed by focusing on the present moment, acknowledging feelings, thoughts, body sensations

Ceremony/Ritual – honoring significant moments in the day, month, year  or lifetime often connecting to nature in someway

Prayer – acknowledging circumstances, gratitude, confession or connection to forces outside of ourselves.

Religion – participating in organized systems of belief to feel at peace and in community.

Acknowledging Nature – PachaMamma – the earth, spending time in fresh air and appreciating natural beauty.

Artistry – seeing and tapping into emotions, meaning, expression. Painting, writing, some even say sport.

Yoga – physical poses that impact the nervous system to calm and strengthen the body, heart, mind.

Humor – control? what control? the perspective that can allow acceptance with a light heart. Laughter is good medicine.

Specific Contemplation – what is my role in this life time and how do I implement this? what is my impact?

Movies with a Message – helps us identify what is important to us and strengthens our values or offers opportunity to change.

Preparing nutritious food for self and others – feeding ourselves and sometimes our emotions. It is good to note why we are craving and in what state our mind is in when we prepare food as this has been demonstrated to impact the recipe.

Cleaning – your house, yourself, the car, the garage – sometimes its starts here – because it’s manageable and safe?  a cleansing refresh…I have seen this lead to the cleansing out of many things, people, relationships, jobs, weight, perspective, habits…it can often feel spiritual and uplifting to remove those things are no longer serving your path to being who you would like to be.

Appreciation, gratitude and any process which may inspire the sensation of awe, wonder and thanks in you is good for the mind, heart and soul.

Please plan and prepare to consolidate your health, your immunity, in all aspects during this time of physical isolation and into the future.
Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually

Reach out to others for support and be mindful that someone, in some very subtle ways, may be reaching out to you for support in this time of great change.

Continue to practice requirements to limit the spread of Covid-19.

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