Enhancing Natural Immunity – Supplements and Natural Medicine ( Part 2 of 3)

Challenging times demand full on support!
First do no Harm and Do whatever it takes!

My patients are health conscious people and will do what it takes to feel better and live the busy lives they love!
My H1N1 patients did well when I prescribed and they implemented intense support, and not to the exclusion of necessary conventional medical practices.

Reduce worry, fear and anxiety. Please know that your body is an amazing system of resilience and fortitude!
I treat and prescribe based on everyone’s own unique immune health characteristics.

*contact me for support and consultation to focus on information important for you.

Let Food Be A Medicine, include some exercise and positive thinking and you are further ahead!
Medical historians claim, raw, cooked or fermented cabbage helped survivors of the bubonic plague as a food staple, high in indole-3-carbinol, sulforaphane, vitamin C and fiber. The key was to eating it regularly and not indulging in substances that detracted from health. Unprocessed whole foods minus food sensitivities is the foundation of “food as your medicine”. Consume more veggies than fruit and eat according to the seasons as other general tenets. (Jonn Matsen ND) Water is not food but adequate hydration is cleansing and necessary.

Prevention is best – physical distancing (as opposed to social distancing – because we have all been so social in so many other various forms!) and good hygiene – hand washing, wear a mask if available, or a doubled up bandanna (something is better than nothing  – always has been a hygiene practice and always will be) in closed public spaces, be conscious of down wind exposure to people as they run by, cough or sneeze. This continues to be best practices after centuries! Isolate the sick. Although germ theory was not proposed until the mid 1800’s, “germs” became more widely accepted when it was observed that physicians who washed their hands between deliveries had less mortality rates among postpartum women and newborns. (sad but true)

*So …wash those hands, cover your mouth, use your nose to breathe, please wear a mask properly for it to be effective, if you know how to use gloves properly these can be an added protection. ALL food prep people need to be wearing mouth and nose coverings.

Conventional treatments for Covid-19 can include:

antiviral pharmaceuticals like Tamiflu
antibiotics such as  Amoxil, Zithromax –  may help with bacterial pneumonias, they also have antiinflammatory properties
Plaquenil, Colchicine, Prednisone – anti inflammatories, immune modulators
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and NOT Ibuprofen or NSAIDS including ASA
Note* – it has always been known NSAID’s are to be avoided in viral infections for risk of Reyes Syndrome, an over reactive response by the immune system.
Fever is part of the process of the immune system activity – immune cells are more active at higher temperatures so it may not be in one’s best interest to lower a temperature – however, each case is different. A temp of 40C- 42C may be ok for one individual but too much for another. Extra consideration is necessary for the very young, the elderly, disease conditions,  and pregnancy.

Supplements for Enhancing Immunity and Health

Vitamins and Minerals – often depleted in our food sources. Demand by our body increases with stress and illness.
*All doses are daily dose ranges.
*Individuals are advised to seek professional consultation and personalized recommendations to suit their circumstances and to address any conflicts with pharmaceutical medicine. The best dose, for the correct length of time and situation is important for safe and effective results.
Hair Mineral Analysis and Red Blood Cell Analysis are tests available.

A  1500IU- 10,000 IU
B Complex 50- 200mg daily
C 500mg – 5000mg – liposomal C claims it is more absorbable but for the cost differential versus more frequent dosing of                      regular Vitamin C – ascorbic acid – I question the justification. Linus Pauling the “Father of Vitamin C” said to my
naturopathic class “always consume vitamin c as a complex with its other flavanoids as found in foods”. Quercetin is a suggested flavonoid of high interest when treating viruses and cancer.
IV Vit C – based on studies in Lung Cancer ,other lung tissue conditions and the results from Wuhan in early March 2020 this would be appropriate and complimentary to many treatment protocols.
D 1000 – 5000IU
E – 200 – 800IU
Iodine – if you have not done a urine assessment  determine levels, one tablet of kelp provides some iodine.
Magnesium 200-1000mg
Selenium  100- 200mcg or 2 brazil nuts a day
Zinc 30- 200mg ( combined with Plaquenil has been reported as enhancing recovery)

Fish oils – impart an anti inflammatory effect 1200mg EpA DHANAC – 300-1200mg

NAC – precursor to glutathione or liposomal glutathione  also anti inflammatory, helps the liver process toxins, mucolytic helpful in clearing mucous congestion
Nebulized Glutathione may be of benefit with conventional medicines
Melatonin – 1mg  -20mg – studied in shift workers to assist in sleep, researched as a deficiency in the elderly, used in cancer therapies. An appropriate dose and dosage form  is best recommended by a health practitioner.
Glandular extracts – similar to thyroid pharmaceuticals (Dessicated thyroid) derived from whole healthy animal tissue can provide constituents of influence for specific parts of the body.

Natural Botanical Medicines for Enhancing Immunity and Health
Curcumin, Ginger Garlic, Oil of Oregano, Elderberry, Goldenseal, Astragalus, Lobelia, Plantain, Gingko, Boswellia, Green Tea and its extracts, Andrographis, Quercetin and other flavonoids, Grape seed extract, ginger, Lactoferrin, Licorice
Traditional Chinese Herbs – have been used for centuries to dispel heat, dampness, and cold properties of illness -Astragalus, Licorice uralensis, Lung wort, Osha root
Essential Oils – Myrrh, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Frankincense, Geranium – doses need to be evaluated and not excessive in compromised individuals.
Cooking spices and Teas – healthy as part of a diet often not concentrated enough to exert a clinical effect unless brewed with intensity.

Homeopathic Formulas – contain minute amounts of mineral, plant and sometimes animal components that exert an effect that can restore, cleanse, promote circulation and reduce inflammation.

Blends for my patients.

Unique combinations formulated by my Guruji Mohan(1939 – 2003) some of you may have met him.
Immune System Support Throat Spray and Tonic
Lung Formula Herbal and Homeopathic Support
Glandular Homeopathic Support ( Thyroid, Adrenal Pituitary and Thymus)
Inflammation and Lymph Support Homeopathy
Circulation and Inflammation Homeopathy and Herbal Formulas

** Isolation is recommendation for infected individuals without complications.
Support health and  recovery with appropriate and all measures.**

First Do No Harm and Do What it Takes – Professional guidance is available to enhance your health.

*I am available for telemedicine and in special cases in-person consultations

Please contact me to discuss how I can support and improve your Health and Immunity.

Professional supplements, tonics and formulas continue to be available for pick up or delivery.

Covid – 19 is a serious viral infection – most symptoms seem to be a classic fever ( because this is required for the immune cells to be the most active so the body creates fever in the presence of a threat), headaches and body aches, nausea without vomiting, maybe loss of taste or smell, fatigue, dry cough, shortness of breath and complications of pneumonia. Extreme inflammation as an overreaction of the immune system and is the life threatening symptom of this particular virus – referred to as a cytokine (immune system cells of varying types) storm.  Please contact AHS 0r 811 if you have questionable symptoms. Be smart and Be safe.

Individuals that have other chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, lung conditions, diabetes, hemoglobin deficiency or are using ACE Inhibitor pharmaceuticals ( please do not stop these medications as they are managing potentially life threatening conditions)  may be at higher risk.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting the supplements and medicines discussed within this newsletter or my practice will prevent Covid-19 or treat it. By supporting your body and immune system – over your life time and not just in times of need, these ideas and substances contribute to an overall higher state of health and may improve your quality of life and resilience to disease or illness. ( defining health will be discussed further in part 3 of this series Enhancing Natural Immunity)