Enjoying a polar dip may not be part of your plan for getting some extra zip this year….

Big plans or not, it is true that 90% of those coming into the office  say they would like to have more energy. 

It’s sort of like wanting more time or money.
Create more and save what you have… and “how” depends on where you are starting from!

The “easy” thing is to begin with…What to “take” to feel less sluggish? – here’s a list.

All B Complex Vitamins
Multi Vitamin and minerals
Adaptogenic herbs like Holy Basil, Ginseng derivatives
Mushroom complexes
Adrenal extracts, adrenal support formulas, etc.
Drink enough water
Sleep well and enough
Exercise but not to much and not too little
Fresh Air
Maybe throw “some” caffeine occasionally in there too!

…and now…. continue with the bigger question of ….what is draining your energy? 

Because paradoxically ….. calming maybe an appropriate solution which includes magnesium, herbal and other sedatives, digestive enzymes, more or less food, more or less protein or fat, rest and relaxation, meditation, tapping, QiGong …etc. These conserve and regain energy by a reset of circuits.

SO….Continue reading….!

Physical energy drains may be inflammation, Poor methylators, irregular food consumption or wrong foods, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, cortisol surges depletions, insulin resistance, physical pain, anemia, lack of exercise, excessive exercise, prescription medications can deplete resources and create fatigue, any disease or condition adds strain to the body and energy expenditure.

Emotional energy drains maybe financial, relationship conflicts, needs and desires not being met, confusion, addictions, depression, fears, anxieties, uncertainties, dislike of change, complaining, blaming, obligations or overly commitmented, boredom, disappointment, emotional pain, grief, perfectionism, keeping overly busy, not naming and addressing emotions, lack of delegation, and my favorite… pushing through the fatigue etc etc etc

Over time, stress from these sources leads to fatigue, cyclical crashes during the day, wakefulness at night and disturbed sleep because the neuroendocrine system is out of balance  leading to other hormonal disturbances and digestive weakness, memory issues, inflammation, pain and crankiness! Nice!??

*Conditions that may be due to low energy range from allergy, frequent infections, colds, asthma, arthritis, hot flashes, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid as a few examples, and interestingly are frequently seen as causing low energy. When the cause possibly lies in poor energy reserves to begin with (chronic tiredness).
Individual differences of tolerance, genetics, and the like – account for where the weakness shows up!  Amazing!??

Not knowing what drains your energy is a serious problem!
Is it a “taking something”  or a “removal of something” fix?
A spending problem, saving problem or a poor investment problem?
Waiting until it gets louder means taking more time to reset.

Sitting quietly now and assessing what is happening in life (past and present) is the most important place to start.
Being objective can be tricky.
Being unaware of the impact of anything mentioned above can be surprising when it is finally brought into awareness.

Addressing chronic lethargy, lack of energy or fatigue can be very simple or complex.
Often it involves many biological systems, including the personality or mindset!

I am here to listen, be practical, objective…. and help!

Will this be the year, the decade, when new priorities are set …in our micro world of personal energy conservation?
No doubt this will have a ripple effect outwards, in many ways!

Enjoy the year ahead with vitality and energy!

If copies of this article are distributed –  please give reference to me and with my website link. Thankyou!