Emerging from the Covid Cocoon

 19 suggestions for re-entry into maintaining health, sanity and soothing your soul…

1. Spend more time in nature – studies continue to demonstrate it’s calming, healing impact. Feel it for yourself – 15 minutes daily, rain or shine.

2. Continue to educate yourself around health care systems, using an integrated health care team is more apparent now and into the future. More and more reliability on other resources to maintain health will increase.

3. Meditate to decompress and recalibrate your mindset. Just 3 minutes twice daily awakens the vagus nerve (the calming nerve) and your natural zen.  Practice when it is not a crisis so it becomes a natural antidote to stress and more!
Make it a habit like brushing your teeth.

4. Appreciate your new perspective on busyness. Apply discretion and priority to your life.
Home made meals that are efficient and nutritious and add value to your health goals.

5. Assess and address quality of sleep. This is the time of repair and regeneration.
Immunity, moods, and intellect improve with adequate and refreshing sleep.

6. Calibrate and hydrate with water, water and lemon. Everything is better when hydrated with 2 litres minimum a day.

7. Ensure 3 cups leafy greens daily, both cooked and raw.

8. Understand in times of stress and uncertainty we burn through more nutrients…enhance your system with a good multi, Vit A, D, B complex , extra C and adequate zinc. Unsure about quantities and types ? Contact me.

9. Fish oils or omega 3 is awesome for nervous system and intellect. As is learning something new each day.
Be able to say out loud ” I learned xyz today”. This feels empowering and supports motivation.

10. Create a health file to refer to now and going forward. Collect a copy of all tests and assessments and chronologically store this in one place to use when seeking assistance. Your medical history will help create a personal profile for easier development of care. It maintains your power and control versus leaving it to a system.

11. Use efficient body weight exercises at home daily for 10 minutes. This stimulates hormones and metabolism in addition to circulation. Use it or lose it – regularly.

12. Be selective when listening to media. Think, evaluate and investigate. What does your gut say?

13. Write, call and ask questions of policy makers the basis, process and future impact of decisions. Who will be accountable?

14. Continue good household policies of Wash Hands and Face, Drink Water, Remove Shoes maybe change clothes upon entering your home.

15. Breathe through your nose allowing this natural filtering mechanism to do its job – catching particulate, germs, bacteria, yes and viruses. Then the immune system addresses the foreign particles.  Being mindful of this in crowds and flu season has always been good awareness.

16. Address any long term or chronic health issues. Big or small. Healing and correcting these will take the pressure off the entire body allowing for the immune system to command more energy and attention versus also dealing with pain, indigestion, fatigue, hormone imbalances, allergy, inflammation, etc.

17. Show compassion to your short comings and choose to evolve general awareness and prepare for future challenges. Feelings of fear, anxiety, worry and anger are symptoms as well.

18. A healthier emergence is occurring. Be part of the new awareness. Be Smart and Be Well.

19.  Start now!  Book  an appointment so I can assist you in addressing health concerns with a plan individualised to you.

I am available for in-person consultations in Calgary, Alberta and for your convenience by phone, Skype or Facetime.

Dr. Linda Kodnar B.Sc. (Pharm) ND