Elixir of Death?
Eye of newt, Salamander sweat, Poison of toad, and Saliva of leech – no not really!!

Liquid herbal medicine may taste like you are going to die but plant medicine is loaded with many biochemicals. Tannins, terpenes, isothiocyanates, alkaloids, isoflavones, glucosinolates, saponins, and polyphenols,  contribute to that yummy bitter flavour.

It’s medicine.
We all know medicine comes in many forms. Good and bad. 

These bitter components have a toxic and lethal effect on bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites by changing the environment and action of your liver, kidney, spleen, gall bladder and entire digestive track.
My previous career as a pharmacist respected these chemicals for their medicinal action.
Pharmaceutical companies desperately try to reproduce medicines to mimic their effects.

Typically the whole plant or all of its chemical constituents together produce that effective action.
Not a specific chemical it contains.

This is the spirit of plant or herbal medicine.

Respecting the entirety of the plant, it’s characteristics and healing effects.

The action of these can reduce inflammation – calm a bloated abdomen, soothe the lining of the kidney filtration system, stop cramping, promote expulsion all by reducing bad microbiome load, supporting natural function of nerves, gut, joints, glands and more.  

Liquid is best – its good medicine even if it tastes bad.
 take it in a full glass of juice, and “ruin” the taste of straight juice.

Take it and follow it with great tasting plain juice or water!
Hold your nose and down it goes!

And sometimes a spoonful of sugar (I say maple syrup) helps the medicine go down
and…. for heaven’s sake please say to one self “this is helping” not “this is awful and I am going to die taking it!”
Mind set is a large part of getting and feeling better!

Need a potion or two to deal with unwanted symptoms? – contact me.

Live on with an Elixir of Death!