Bacteria Viruses Fungi and Parasites

All of these are part of our microscopic world – like it or not!
At any given time they are present in, on and around us in various numbers.

Some have a positive effect – breaking down fermented foods, controlling other organisms, contributing to life cycles by composting and incorporating byproducts into new growth. Even parasites have been used for wound healing. You carry your own microbiome with different numbers of any of these!

Negative or ill effects are determined by the overall state of health of the host.
The if, when and how – quickly or intensely – is not a random act on how we develop a cold, infection, or disease process.

Humans share the same circumstances observed in nature.
For instance we could say in nature we have a pandemic of pine bark beetle in the Rocky Mountains since the 1980’s.

The environment of the plant, tree, animal contributes to the expansion or contraction of the microorganism population.
Nutrient availability, imbalanced nutrition, toxic materials, low oxygen, too much damp, too much heat, not enough sunlight.

In humans,  (and in the flora and fauna kingdoms too!) more evidence is mounting for the state of emotions (chronic anxiety, fear, worry in other words stress) being key in depleting resources that impact resilience to infection and full recovery.

Some examples of overgrowth of organisms present as:

Common Colds
Strep Throat
Upper Respiratory Issues
Athletes Foot
Arthritic Joints
Travellers diarrhea
Food Poisoning
Weight loss
Discharges from eyes, ears, nose, genital urinary track
Nervousness – many patients experience emotional disturbances with infections.

Treatment generally focuses on “anti” something – antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antifungal.
These are helpful when we truly need them yet can be limited in effectiveness as many of these microorganisms develop resistance due to chemical overuse and mutation.  Part of Mother Nature adapting to what is thrown at her!

Surgery is sometimes necessary to reduce the amount of diseased tissue the body is required to repair and therefore allows more energy to be available for the remaining healthier tissue to repair. (As my tree experienced this year)

Avoidance is obvious and important.
Due to the interconnectedness of our world this is limited in effectiveness.

Isolation of the sick was always the first approach, reducing exposure to others. ( leper colonies and tuberculosis sanatoriums)

(My appreciation for sterile manufacturing and technique caused me to question why anyone was allowed to enter a hospital to visit a patient,  a newborn or post surgical patients. There have been no generalized protocols of hand washing, exposure to street clothes, state of health questioning etc. Hopefully current circumstances will continue a positive level of awareness.)

Louis Pasteur  (Germ Theory) –  and Fleming (discovered penicillin) – both observed environmental conditions had to be “right” for the spread of microorganisms and the manufacturing of the curing substance.
In other words, all circumstances – environment, nutrient levels , etc.

Hence, the importance of strengthening our individual health, needs to be re-established as a critical factor in protection and resistance not avoidance alone.
Maintaining good health is through awareness, healthy choices and addressing shortcomings.

Do you succumb easily to colds, seasonal flu, or other forms of infection?
Perhaps you have unaddressed chronic health issues? Are they improving or just stabilized?
Do you suffer from nutrient deficiencies due to medications or illnesses?
How often do you connect with nature, ease personal tension, and have daily self care health practices?
Are you frightened, stressed, anxious due to lack of information that can help you as an individual?

Understanding our world is a microscopic soup of so many infectious elements is a first good step.
Next steps include an appreciation how to manage and maintain our balance in life, our health.

Appreciating all  good health practices that can keep you healthy and resilient is important all the time.
What to do and take as well as what to change and remove to support your well being are equally important.

Contact me to discuss your personal health concerns and the health of your loved ones.

I enjoy working with Seniors and their often complex health conditions.

At this time and at any “change of season” the climate adds more pressure on our state of balance -physically, mentally and emotionally  – in Fall and Winter, I focus on the respiratory, digestive and immune health in all age groups.