Clean Safe Water for Everyone

On JULY 24, 2019, Calgary City Council will re- evaluate adding fluoride to our water !

Dr. Paul Connett, PhD in Chemistry, of the Fluoride Action Network; and Dr. Bob Dickson MD, Founder of Safe Water Calgary have been discussing these issues extensively.

There are many issues that affect Calgary’s population including:

  • All ctizens have the right to safe, clean, un-medicated water.
  • Fluoride is highly toxic. Water fluoridation denies choice.
  • Fluoride is not necessary for a single bodily function.
  • Swallowing fluoride (hence the warning on fluoridated tooth paste) affects numerous body systems.

Delivered in public drinking water, there is no controlled dose of a chemical or drug no matter what the concentration.

Only reverse osmosis can remove fluoride or other medications from our water supply.

Babies and the unborn get a much higher dose per body weight when fluoridated water is mixed with formula…200 times the amount found in breast milk.

There are better topical ways to provide fluoride to the individuals desiring it. Interestingly… tooth paste companies offer NON fluoridated choices marketed as safe to swallow, as fluoridated pastes are not!

Natural calcium fluoride is in small amounts in our rivers, however it is not the same chemically as industrialized waste byproducts used as the source of fluoride to be added to public drinking water ARTIFICIALLY.

Over 97% of BC, Quebec and Europe are not fluoridated AND ENJOY DENTAL HEALTH that is as good as or better than fluoridated areas.

Fluorosis of bones and teeth from too much fluoride is increasing due to heavily fluoridated U.S. cities; especially among teens, costing thousands of dollars to repair.

99% of fluoridated water is not consumed and goes back into the environment unchecked. What happens down stream?

Tax dollars saved from putting a toxic treatment in our water could be better utilized for more effective interventions.

For instance:

  • Continuing to educate children on nutrition
  • Not selling pop and junk food in schools, or hospitals
  • Encouraging and showing good oral hygiene at school and at the dentist; and
  • Regular publicized information on how good food and lifestyle impacts our general health and our dental health.

In addition, good policy would demonstrate openly how health in pregnancy impacts the unborn child and their tooth development in future.

4,800 Health Care providers have had the courage to sign letters against fluoridation.

Review the facts for yourself, then consider:


Signing the petition online. Its about choice, accountability and science.

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